Can you use a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL as a skateboard?

(προς τους φίλους μου στην Ελλάδα, έγραψα αυτό το άρθρο στα Αγγλικά, για να το διαβάσουν ευκολότερα οι έξω… εμείς είμαστε γλωσσομαθείς οι περισσότεροι, δεν έχουμε πρόβλημα)

So… I got my 950 XL last week. I was very happy, a feeling a rarely allow for myself, when it involves consumer goods (why, is a story I won’t discuss here and now).

This is not an article about my feelings about the model. This might come with a different article. If I have to sum it up in a phrase: I am rather pleased. Coming from Android.

Anyway, so I had it for maybe four days. when I went with my 8 year old son to get some food. So, I told him to just seat on a chair, along with my day bag (where my 950 XL was peacefully sleeping as you suspect). Well, my son could just hold his energy for 30 seconds (fathers of boys, know exactly what I am talking about).
He got my phone from the bag and tried to bring it to my face, since he was excited about iris recognition. I told him to put it back and he did. He never zipped the compartment to close. After 30 more seconds he decided to discover how heavy my bag was. So we stood up (close to 120cm) and took it over his head (so… OVER 120cm).

The phone phone dropped directly on the tiles. But that’s not all. Shocked by what happened, he back-stepped and stood ON the phone (with his almost 30Kg) and slid it for like 30-40cm ON the tiles!!! (I think face up)

So I was prepared to face the wreckage. I picked it up. Screen looked just fine.
I looked at the back and faced a broken glass over the camera and flash and some white scratches (on black back and believed to be deep).

I won’t describe what happened next (not much), but go to the photos and then give you the details…

(click any photo to zoom)

Here is the camera unit:

Here is the camera unit, with flash, to make the image more… gruesome:

Here is the back with flash (click to see skidmarks):

Here is the back without flash:

As you can see, the polycarbonate back has almost no skidmarks. I don’t know what exactly is the manufacturing process for this back, but it works. Remember this is replaceable.

NOTE: I haven’t tested NFC or Qi wireless charging after the incident. I expect service to check both (in case I got a broken cover antenna).

As for the camera and flash. They both work! Even the crack close to the main lens doesn’t seem to bother it.
Actually all functionality of the phone seems to be intact. It’s only a cosmetic problem. So if you ask me Microsoft takes a 10 out of 10 in this “test” my device suffered (without my consent).
That said, nobody feels just right that someone has to unscrew a brand new phone to replace a part.

Now I will follow up this article with a report on HOW effectively will Microsoft (I am a Microsoft partner after all) and/or the retail shop I purchased this and/or the telephony provider (where the shop actually belongs) will handle this and get back to me.
Price, how long it will take and in general, if things are handled professionally.

As I think I am one of the first in the country to own this device, I am not even sure if whoever will handle this has the service kit for the model, readily available.
I am unlucky in the sense that if this was an iPhone, I could just drop it for a couple of hours at an official or unofficial service center. Not sure what to expect now.

Since my phone is fully functional, I’d like a diagnosis and either a quick fix, OR me keeping the device waiting the replacement parts to arrive.

To brief things up:

  • Device can endure a lot.
  • The glass over the lens should be easier to fix.
  • Pending service report (quality etc.).


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