Windows Phone 7 Series…

I followed the platform for almost 10 years. I don’t think I like where it goes. (I reserve final decision when I get my hands on it)

…Limit the user, limit the developer, concentrate everything on a model that means someone gets our money all the time, kill compatibility, vague about the enterprise capabilities. Many wrong choices in general.

I “liked” particularly a question I read someone asked about the keyboard that some devices might have… so instead of what PLAIN logic says “if it has it, utilize it”, MSFT says “no we want consistency”… I will love when/if SCUMMVM gets ported and you have a nice keyboard and you won’t be able to use it in adventures because MSFT wants consistency. You will love MSFT decisions right then eh?

Then trying to push silverlight and not the industry standard Java. Hohoho, right.

Good luck, I don’t think I will stay on this boat. The problem is that I don’t see viable alternatives.
It’s probably the core of MSFT policy about WM7: “Well it sucks compared to older WM on the actual pocket computing side of things, but it is what you wanted us to do by choosing iPhone, so there you are.”
I saw how things shifted, back when they added telephone to PocketPC. Then the hordes of “consumers” were let in… then the geek part started dying (I noted it in some posts back then).

Now we have WM7… “a better Nokia”.
Well I was never a Nokia fan.

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