Bye bye Steve Jobs…

Steve Jobs R.I.P.
Definitely a big honcho in the field.
As a marketeer of course.
Truth us that there was a bit less innovation than most people believe.
Always Apple tied together (bought or stolen and OK some own) ideas in beautiful packaging easy for consumer use. From Apple Lise and the first Mac (whatever they had on them was invented by someone else), to iPhone, iPod and iPad (where all those products or their supposedly special characteristics already existed in some form or another). Not that this is not something. It definitely is.

Even the original garage Apple, was in fact built by Wozniak and Jobs was “just” the right guy to say make the proper talk and knock the proper doors.

BTW this sucks:

Of course Computing has definitely gained from Jobs. Even as opposing force to “wintel” philosophy, which if it was alone would keep us 20 years back (Amiga -the best contender- died early in the battlefield).

It’s sad that he left this world so early (on the other hand seven years with his kind of cancer is not something most of us would survive – without the millions of dollars needed for that), but it is also sad that other big brains (possibly bigger) left us without all this fuss (RIP Jay Miner).

PS. Is it possible he died before or during the conference and they kept it secret?

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