Retro Collection Projects (November 2023 update)

Well, there are news that dictate writing one more update in 2023.

  • CoinOps. Unless something drastically changes and someone points me to a real NEW project that is worth mentioning, I will not reference it at all in future updates.
  • CORE Type-R. Haven’t noticed anything revolutionary new, but it is still a very active project, with a serious (erm…) core team.
  • Complete Play. Colpipes1978 was forced to make his Patreon base charge, more expensive, as people don’t seem to actively help with seeding. Still WORTH it though.
    I hope he comes back with some special discount for people that DO actively seed (which IS a cost for seeders, both in space and bandwidth). Yes, talking about this subject because it involves me (too).
    For the project itself now, CP seems to concentrate more in rebuilding older packs to a new “2.X” level, which eliminates the complexities of having to follow a complex path of pack updates. These new 2.X packs will eventually become like 1.X of course (at least one 2.X already has a couple of updates), but well, I don’t see another way.
  • RGS projects. With the help of Sleyk (and others), a side project is under development, something to take the place of RBL (see below), a “cousin” to Batocera main project, based on Retrobat. This will be very very interesting and waiting to see how it evolves.
  • RBL. One more group of projects that I will probably not reference at all in the future. VMan is supposedly still active (there was a new video lately that didn’t seem particularly interesting), but so “underground” that is probably not worth it.

To other news…

  • Zomb of C64 Dreams fame, is active (in his own pace) in improving his 0.60 content (to be up to date for extra 0.7X release). With StatMat (of OneLoad64) they have a very good cooperation to really bring out the best content for C64 lovers. No set date for next release of this “initially based on Gamebase64 project” (also see below).
  • Gruby’s AdventurePack. Unfortunatly things don’t look too bright for adventure lovers. Gruby seems to be absent from retro field for quite long now (hope he is really all right), and there seems to be none yet to take over the project or start a similar one (including eXo – see below).
  • TOSEC. An interesting change of the project is the shift (?) to a rolling wip. Not sure how it goes, I don’t follow that close any more (some people made sure of that, hope they are happy). Also, I hear (and seems like that in the trackers) that not everything is “green”, there are ISO misses (i.e. actually saving the content, not just documenting it) for many people this time around, which is a pity, but well, that’s life I guess. In any case, a project I still “believe” much of its worth.
  • eXo. Last but definitely NOT least, actually here are the big news of the month, eXoDOS v6 IS OUT! Seems eXo’s team, maybe the most professionally organised team (that are not really professionally involved) out there, finished this VERY VERY big update, which is structurally and in content very very much evolved over the last (also great) release. This is the one-stop-shop for DOS gaming. This is the one, don’t look further.
    Seems now eXoWin3X will be the next main project for release.
    As for us, we only hope more retro platforms get the eXo treatment (SCUMMVM which after all was the start of it all?).
  • A small mention, loosely related. There is a new FPGA retro player as it seems to compete (?) / replace / evolve-on MiSTer. It is called MARS. Remember the name.

So, this is where this article finishes, I cannot give my usual suggestions and even “lesser” news, as I somehow lost connection to my server now that I write this (will fix). So it will be a more abrupt ending this once. Until next time…

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